Frequently Asked Questions

Is CoolSculpting right for me?

CoolSculpting is a fat-reduction treatment for men and women who want to get rid of stubborn pockets of fat in certain areas of their body. CoolSculpting is NOT a weight loss procedure. CoolSculpting is a non-surgical alternative that has little to no downtime.

To see if CoolSculpting is right for you, take our Am I a Candidate quiz and make an appointment with the CoolSuite for your one-on-one consultation.

How much does it cost?

That all depends on what areas you treat and how many treatments you have. Many patients choose to do CoolSculpting on multiple areas to reach their ideal end result. When you meet with Gina, she will work with you to find a personalized treatment plan that fits your body and your budget. In fact, the CoolSuite offers flexible payment plans to help you get the results you want without having to pay the full cost up front.

What happens during my CoolSculpting treatment?

An applicator will be placed on the treatment area and there will be a slight sucking sensation as it adheres to your body, followed by that signature cooling effect. During the procedure you may experience sensations of pulling, tugging, mild pinching, intense cold, tingling, stinging, aching, and cramping at the treatment site. These sensations subside as the area becomes numb.
After the applicator is detached, you will have a two-minute massage on the area to break up the treated fat cells and enhance the fat reduction process. That’s it!

How many treatments do I need?

While you will see up to a 20-25% fat reduction in the treated area after a single treatment, it depends on the person and the area being treated. We will design a tailored plan and determine if additional treatments are necessary to reach your desired goal.

When will I see results?

You may start to see changes in as little as 1 month! Typically, the peak of results are approximately at 10-12 weeks. Everyone is special and unique, the body will continue to process the dead cells up to 5 or 6 months.

What happens to the frozen fat cells?

CoolSculpting uses cryolipolysis, which is just a technical way to say fat-freezing. When fat cells freeze, they die and are then naturally eliminated through the body’s natural process. Don’t worry: This process happens so gradually, you won’t notice a difference in your day-to-day life.

Who should not have CoolSculpting?

The CoolSculpting treatment is not for everyone. You should not have it done if you suffer from cryoglobulinemia, cold agglutinin disease, or paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria. The CoolSculpting procedure is not a weight loss treatment.

Are there any side effects after a treament?

Because CoolSculpting is non-invasive, side effects are extremely rare and has the process has become the #1 non-invasive fat reduction treatment in the world.

Following the procedure, typical side effects include temporary redness, swelling, blanching, bruising, firmness, tingling, stinging, tenderness, cramping, aching, itching, or skin sensitivity, and sensation of fullness in the back of the throat after submental or submandibular (double chin) area treatment. Rare side effects may also occur. Paradoxical hyperplasia (visibly enlarged tissue volume in the treated area) may develop two to five months after treatment and requires surgical intervention for correction.

Will my health insurance cover a CoolSculpting treatment?

Because CoolSculpting is a voluntary cosmetic treatment, it is not covered by insurance providers and FSA companies. The CoolSuite does not submit to any providers, but we do offer financing options to help fit your budget.