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It can be hard to judge how our bodies have changed just by looking in the mirror. A 3D body scan captures an accurate 3D avatar of your body and takes exact measurements of your body at multiple locations. You can take a look at yourself with objective results and understand where or how you’d like to improve your body.

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With our 3D body scan at the CoolSuite, we use cutting-edge technology and special cameras to create 3D images of you. These images are available for your use to analyze with your fitness or weight loss specialist. The scan also provides wellness metrics like waist-to-hip ratio and body shape rating to understand cardiovascular health risks. We conduct repeat scans to monitor progress, and you’ll see firsthand how your body has changed over time.

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What it Tracks

Body measurements

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Wellness metrics

Why Try a 3D Body Scan in Spokane, WA?


Accurate Body Imaging

Taking pictures of ourselves usually doesn’t provide the best understanding of all the ways our bodies change over time. With a 3D body scan, you take it with the same clothing, lighting, angle, and method each time for the most exact body imaging.

Detailed Measurements

Your precise measurements depict valuable and exhaustive data to understand your health and to develop your potential fitness plans. You can compare your precise measurements to previous scans, to your baseline, or to the larger population.

Progress Tracking

With repeat scans, you can track your images, measurements, and results to see your progress or to identify areas where you still have room for improvement.

What to Expect

The 3D Body Scan Process



At your initial consultation, we thoroughly review your health history and concerns to see how a 3D body scan aligns with your goals.


3D Body Scan in Spokane, WA

Following your consultation, you’ll come in for your 3D body scan at the CoolSuite. We ask that you refrain from exercising, eating, or drinking in large amounts in the hours before your test. You will stand on the body scanner, and it will slowly spin you around while capturing a complete image of your body with a special camera. Our specialist will guide you through every step to make sure you get accurate results.



Our provider will go over the results with you and answer any questions you may have. From there, we can create a customized fitness and nutrition plan to work toward your goals.


Pre-Care Instructions

Prior to a 3D Body Scan in Spokane, WA, the CoolSuite Recommends:

Wear tight-fitting clothing

If you have long hair, tie it up above your neckline

Avoid exercising, eating, or drinking in large amounts for several hours before your test.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear to my 3D body scan?

For the clearest scan, you should wear tight-fitting clothing that shows your body as much as possible while receiving a 3D body scan. Typically, this means wearing tight undergarments, such as body-tight shorts, sports bras, or boxer briefs. The scan can’t see through your clothes, so it will interpret your clothing as part of your body measurements. Whatever you wear to your first scan should be what you wear to subsequent scans.

Why might my measurements still be the same, even if my weight is changing?

If you’re undergoing a fitness program, chances are you’re gaining muscle and losing fat. Muscle is denser than fat, so you might have the same measurements while gaining weight according to the scale. Getting an accurate understanding of your body through imaging is important because even though the number on the scale is increasing, you might actually be improving your health!

How often should I get a 3D body scan?

To accurately track how your body shape and composition are changing, you should get a 3D body scan every 2 to 4 weeks.


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